Rewild Wellness


Welcome to Rewild Wellness!


Rewilding is a term used by conservationist to mean reintroducing species to a landscape in order to promote the biodiversity and improve the environment. I use the term to mean Rewild the human spirit.

Humans once existed in balanced community with all of nature. Today we are drifting further away from that balance in all things we do from our health, movement and mindset. My goal is to return to that balance and teach others to do the same.

This site is dedicated to helping both the lay person as well as other massage therapists find better ways to create balance for themselves. My goal is to teach what I have learned from years in the trenches as well as to promote my own service.

Here you will find information about Trigger Point Therapy, movement restoration, Massage Therapy, as well as other related health topics in the soon to be released blog. I hope to be a resource for both therapists and the general public.

I am a licensed massage therapist living and practicing around Plainfield IL. I offer Clinical Massage Therapy for pain relief and In home relaxation Massage services. Please see the services tab for details. I look forward to helping you in any way that I can.